I. The Reward for steadfastness

  • Present and future blessedness
  • Blessed are those who endure and remain faithful under trial.
  • God tests our faith not only to grow it but to literally test it. The legitimacy, genuineness, veracity of it.
  • When we fail and fall we don’t feel blessed.
  • The future reward is the crown of life. (Eg. Church at Smyrna)
  • Literally, to those “loving him” - those who keep the faith.
  • We are told to contemplate the inheritance that awaits us and be motivated by it.

II. The Rationale for Sin

  • When people fail they tend to place the blame with God. When we place the blame on anything outside of ourselves we are blaming God.
  • James says no - God is not the one who tempts us to sin.
  • Cf. Proverbs 19:3
  • God is not tempted with evil, and he does not tempt others.
  • CF. Deut 6:16 - don’t tempt God.

III. The Responsibility for Sin

  • The cause of sin is not external situations
  • It’s starts because of our own desire (our fallen nature, “the flesh”)
  • It lures and it entices like a bait lures and traps a fish.
  • You always think sin will make you happier then it does.

IV. The Result of Sin

  • When desires and will meet then sin is conceived.
  • Then sin grows into death.
  • We should get rid of sin