1 min read

This was, to say the least, a different read. It’s hard to imagine a book that captures your interest so well, but is in fact not really a good book at all. The basic initial plot is compelling, and the way the story begins with the main character feeling their way around after coming out of amnesia is really interesting. But it kind of deteriorates quickly.

First, the good:

  • Good storyline idea
  • The hard science was fun. While it was waaay overdone, it was also cool to see plausible science put to use for the story and explained to us ignorati as the natural thought processes of a scientist. On the other hand, the things that this junior high microbiologist is able to conjure up across all fields of science is ridiculous.
  • There were some humorous moments in the interchange between Rocky and Dr. Grace The bad:
  • Everything else
  • The characters were 2D flat
  • The plot devolved into a farce
  • The dialogue was poor
  • The story was unbelievable within its own context, even accounting for suspension of disbelief. The number of things that a single person can do in such a short amount of time is crazy and distracting.
  • The ending was unsatisfying

This book puts a wrench in my normal strategy of trusting that a popular book with >4.5 stars on goodreads must be worth reading. This one was worth reading since it came recommended from a family member but I think my goodreads theory is on shaky ground.

My rating: 2.5 stars