The light of every star, the structure of every cell, the functioning of every organic system, the majesty of every law, the voice of every conscience, the development of every creative potential and the ‘change and decay’ and renewal of every aspect of nature are all established with their own significance and meaning to be patiently perceived and proclaimed by created persons. An thus all of these created realities being found to be what they are, all of them - even if it be in a mute sort of way - level by level, lift up the eyes of those who behold them in faith to the Triune personal reality, who called everything into being, continually sustains it, and guides it to His appointed purpose. That purpose is personal; an ever-growing, ever-deepening, ever-beautifying communion of life and love between redeemed created persons and the ineffable one, undivided community of Three uncreated Persons, who created them, redeemed them, and will not be without them.


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