Jesus Taught Us to Pray God our Father, help us to…

Honor You

Obey You

Pray to You for help and forgiveness

Enter into Your rest


Jesus is God’s very special son and he knows how to talk to God better than anyone. Jesus loves us so much that he taught us how we should talk to God too.

God our Father, help us to (Our Father who is in heaven)

Honor You (Hallowed be your name)

  • “What does it mean to honor someone?” Respect, praise, etc

  • “Why do we honor God?” God is so great and so good that he deserves everyone’s honor. He made us so that we can honor him.

  • “How can we honor God?” We should tell him he’s great, sing to him, etc

Obey You (Your kingdom come, your will be done, on earth as it is in heaven)

  • You know how else we can honor God? We honor God when we obey him

  • “What does it mean to obey?” To listen and to do what God says

  • In heaven, everyone always obeys God, but here on earth people to not always obey God

  • “Does anyone here always obey God?” We’re supposed to always honor God, but many times we don’t honor him. When we disobey our parents, we’re not honoring God. When we are mean to others, or when we lie or steal, we are not honoring God. It’s a bad thing to disobey God and not honor him. This is called sin. Since God is so good, he doesn’t like sin at all and he punishes those who sin.

  • “Since God doesn’t like sin, how can he love us since we sin?” God loves us so much that he doesn’t want us to sin. He gave us his very special son Jesus to save us from sin. God says that if you believe in Jesus, he forgives you when you disobey him and helps you to obey and honor him. Jesus died for us, so that we don’t have to be punished and then he came back to life so that we can obey God. That’s how much he loves us!

Pray to You for help and forgiveness (Give us our daily food, and forgive our sins, as we forgive others)

  • If we believe in Jesus, we can ask God to forgive us when we disobey. Not only that, but since God forgives us, we can forgive other people who are mean to us or hurt us.

  • “What does it mean to forgive?”

  • We can also ask God to give us the things we need – like food, and clothes, and anything else we need to obey God. Jesus said we don’t have to worry about any of that. He will take care of us.

Enter into Your rest (Do not lead us into temptation, but deliver us from the evil one)

  • We also ask God to keep us safe in him our whole life and to protect us from bad people who don’t want us to trust God and obey him. God helps us to keep trusting him so that one day we will meet Jesus in person, and be able to stay with him forever.

“Does anyone know what these letters spell - H-O-P-E?” Hope. What does hope mean? Hope is when we look forward to something. When we hope in God, we look forward to all the wonderful things that he promises us. We trust him to take care of everything when we’re worried or scared, to forgive us when we disobey him, to give us what we need, and to keep us safe in him until we see Jesus. God is honored when he HOPE in him for everything.


God our Father, help us to

Honor you and obey you (raise hands toward heaven)

We pray to you for help and forgiveness (clasp hands and bow head in prayer)

So that we may enter into your rest (tilt head and place clasped hands in cheek like you’re sleeping)

God we HOPE in you (raise hands toward heaven)

Yes we HOPE in you (raise hands toward heaven)