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Core Purpose

  • To display God’s excellence by doing good for others to God’s glory.

Core Principles

  • Overall Principles
    • Seek to understand the true sense and teaching of Scripture.
    • Do all things with a mind to pleasing Christ.
    • Be honest and always keep your promises.
    • Live every day as if you will stand before God tomorrow. 
    • Ask God for every need and want, but trust his judgment to provide what is best.
    • In all things, whether work or recreation, make the most productive use of the time provided, not squandering it.
    • Forgive, as you have been forgiven.
    • Apart from Christ, you can do nothing.
  • Doing Good
    • Strive to consider others more important than yourself.
    • Be as understanding with the faults of others as you are of your own. 
    • If there is a genuine need, and it is within your power to help, then do it.
    • Seek the things that are truly for the good of others, not just the things that please others or satisfy your conscience. 
  • Work
    • Work as if you are employed by the Lord.
    • Strive for excellence as a reflection of He who is most excellent.
    • Always keep in mind those who will be inheriting your work after you, and act in love toward them.
    • Do the right things right, the first time.
    • Care for those under your supervision as you would your own kin.
  • Family
    • Model and teach godly character.
    • Be consistent in discipline.
    • Fill our house with love and laughter.
    • Say yes as much as possible.
    • Strive for patience and not yelling.
    • Work for a marriage that reflects Christ and the Church.
  • Church
    • Always strive to be active in a community of believers.
    • Attempt to use the knowledge and abilities given to me in service to the Church.
    • Seek genuine relationships that go below the surface, founded on our common grace in Christ.
  • Money
    • Be generous and eager to lend.
    • Remember that all that you have belongs to the Lord and you are a steward of his things.
    • Don’t try to “keep up with the Jones’.”
    • Be responsible in saving and investing, but don’t trust in riches.
    • Be frugal but not cheap.
  • Suffering
    • Trust that our Heavenly Father is sovereign over all things, knows our pain, and will not allow anything that is not for our good.
    • Know that the furnace of suffering cleans away filth and produces fruit of righteousness.
    • Never allow trials to draw me away from Christ, but strive to press in deeper through them.
    • Maintain a constant remembrance of the hope that awaits us in Christ.

Core Beliefs

  • God is a Trinity of Father, Son, and Spirit existing eternally in loving fellowship with one another.
  • Humans were created in God’s image to reflect his glory by ruling over creation, but we disobeyed his commands and have fallen into rebellion and wrath.
  • Through his promises to Abraham and Israel, God has begun a mission to deliver the world from bondage to sin and to reverse the curse.
  • This mission culminates in Jesus Christ, the eternal Son of God born in human flesh, our Messiah and Lord, who lived a life of perfect obedience to the will of God, and by his death on a cross paid the penalty for our sins, and by his resurrection became the first fruits of the new creation, being exalted to the right hand of God the Father, he is Lord over all creation and intercedes specially for his church.
  • Those who place their trust and allegiance in Jesus have been given a mission to bring the message of salvation and forgiveness of sins to all nations, teaching them obedience and baptizing them into his name.
  • Jesus dwells in His Church by the Holy Spirit, who brings conviction of sin, understanding in truth, and growth in fellowship and holiness of life.
  • On the day appointed, the Lord will return to judge the living and the dead and to bring salvation and eternal life to all who have hoped in him.
  • He will bring about a new creation, a restored heaven and earth, in which we will live and reign with God as vice-regents over all creation, worshiping and working in righteousness and peace forever and ever.

Inspired by the book What’s Best Next by Matthew Perrin.