The Meaning of Life


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Working third shift at the BP
Not too exciting so far,
I guess we’ll wait and see.
As I sit and watch the cars go by,
I can’t help but think to myself,
What’s the point of it? Or, why?
Everyone asks, What’s the meaning of life?
But no one really wants to know.
They ask the question to seem wise,
But it’s all just a show.
If you want to know the meaning of life,
Then I’ll tell you where to look:
To some it’s a source of advice,
To other just a book.
No matter what you think of it,
We’ll all be held liable
For knowing the contents of it.
You’ve probably heard of it: The Bible
So many ask
But few want to know
Why they are here
Or where they will go.
So what is the meaning of life?
I really cannot say.
Only God knows, ask Him
He’ll show you the Way.