Robert Browning


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There are moments in life
When we’re at ease.
At other times,
We can’t remember these.
The day at the lake,
Or that walk in the park,
That time we sat back,
And heard the dogs bark.

These are the moments,
When life is most sweet.
Yet few will relax
And enjoy the treat.
Hustle and bustle,
The call of the American.
We’re all in a hurry –
Remind me, where again?

If we’d all look around,
And enjoy the course,
Life wouldn’t be so hard,
And there’d be a lot fewer wars.
When you start to get stressed,
You’re bones out of joint,
Just ask yourself this,
What is really the point?

Where are you going,
On this road of life?
Are you running straight through,
Or enjoying the sights?
Robert Brownings words help,
When life’s in a swirl:
“God’s in His heaven –
All’s right with the world.”