And They Called His Name Jesus


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He was born in a manger.
There was no room at the inn.
His parents showed no anger,
For they knew it was Him.

He was raised by a carpenter.
Yet it was little known
That He had a much larger Mentor.
This they knew when He was grown.

He taught in the temples and fields.
He spoke as one having authority.
Not, as the people would yield,
Like the Scribes and Pharisees.

He healed the sick and the blind.
He once raised the dead from the tomb.
He fed over five thousand at one time.
Yet, the people thought, what more can He do?

He went as a lamb to the slaughter.
A reproach of men,
Forsaken even by His Father.
Who’d have known He’d purchased the cure for sin.

This humble man from Nazareth,
Lived His whole life to please us.
A heavenly city He established,
And they called His name JESUS.