Thanks from a Whole Heart


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I give you thanks, O Lord, with my whole heart…

Do I, Lord? Search me and show me
Have I, Lord? Walk with me, know me
You’ve given me life, and many joyful days
I cried to you for a wife, now I stand here amazed

Standing before angels or kings
My whole heart should burst out and sing
You’ve answered me whenever I call
You’ve lifted me whenever I fall

You have glorified your word and name
Give me strength, Lord, that I do the same
You are magnified above all kings on earth
And they’ll testify to your surpassing worth

Though you are high and lifted up
You still draw nigh to the lowly and sup
I weep at your feet as one in mourning
For your mercies are new every morning

Though I face death, or more likely humility
You give me life; you’re my rock of stability
Adversaries and sins perplex me in every way
But you have said, “Vengeance in mine. I will repay.”

I know that forever your love endures
And your purposes for me are secure
I seek to give you thanks with all that I can
I ask that you don’t forsake me, the work of your hands