A Modern Cosmogony


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In the beginning there was something. Impersonal and unknown.
And at some point in time, that something spontaneously combusted.
And with a burst of energy, there was a hot, formless soup of quarks and leptons.
And there was energy and time, the first fraction of a second.

And the hot soup cooled and expanded, and the formless became formed.
And neutrons and protons, stars and galaxies took shape. Impersonal and uninterpreted.
And dark matter held everything together, and dark energy spread everything apart.
And there was energy and time, 9 billion years.

And the dark matter combined with gas and dust to form a rocky mass.
And with decay and radiation, explosion and upheaval, the mass took shape.
And the surface cooled to a rock, and water collected in basins. Impersonal and unseen.
And there was energy and time, 1 billion years.

And the surface of the rock brought forth proteins and enzymes.
And proteins and enzymes gathered into cells containing information.
And life happened, driven by the information, building and reproducing. Impersonal and unguided.
And there was energy and time, 3.7 billion years.

And the cells reproduced and mutated, increasing in complexity.
And with mutation and natural selection, time and chance, animal life evolved.
And the information mutated to produce consciousness. Personal and self-aware.
And there was energy and time, several million years.

And the consciousness reproduced and filled the earth.
And it subdued and exercised rule over every living thing.
And the consciousness saw all that existed and its origin,
No meaning and no significance, no good and no evil - no “ought,” only “is.”
And there was energy and time.