This is Life


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Flesh and blood - Heart beating,
Tears streaming, Lungs heaving.
This is life.
He owns it, He made it.
He wants it, He’ll save it.
Why now and how?
So much to bring, So much to offer,
So much but now - Nothing.
All our hopes are gone, All our fears are come.
Everywhere I look and see -
First one, then two, then three:
Death, theft, hate -
Where is love? Where is generosity?
Where is life?
This is life.
Lungs heaving, Tears streaming,
Heart beating, Flesh and blood.
He wrote the play, This is his day.
They cut him off in his prime,
But he chose this time.
All our hopes are gone, All our fears are come.
It must be so -
Hope must go, Fear must grow,
The world must know:
Its own wisdom reigns.
It can’t answer the pains.
It can’t answer the chains.
On its own tree life hangs.
Nothing to bring, Nothing to offer,
Nothing but now - Death.
This is the end of the line.
No exit and no rewind.
An unscalable wall.
An unmovable stone.
This was his day, He wrote the play.
Now what?
First one, then two, then three:
Death swallowed up in victory.
This is life.
Lungs heaving, Heart beating, Tears streaming -
All our hopes are come, All our fears are gone.
It must be so -
The world must know:
Wisdom reigns.
He took the pains.
He broke the chains.
On him life hangs.
Nothing to offer, Nothing to bring,
Nothing but now - To kneel and sing:
Worthy is the lamb who slain,
Worthy to receive power and wealth,
Worthy to receive wisdom and might,
Worthy to receive honor and glory and blessing.