Psalm 33


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All who know the one who knows all
Can’t help but sing with hearts enthralled
Beautiful sounds welling up from within
A new song resounds and a celebration begins

The heavens declare and the trees give assent
The rocks proclaim and the stars emit
Throughout what we see what we read is confirmed
His word is right, true, and always stands firm

The one who spoke in the garden of delight
By the same voice made the starry night
We seek power to secure hope from afar
But which of us could bottle the ocean in a jar

That alone is reason enough to fear him
To seek and find a way to draw near him
His authority extends to being at all
At his word the “no thing” began to stand tall

Imagine a vase demanding which flowers it holds
Or a refrigerator considering whether to be cold
All day long the nations clamor after power
They think they decide “this will be our finest hour”

Yet he who made the heart of every schemer
Has plans of his own and unlike the dreamers
Every thought of his heart is certain to pass
Every plan and design has been built to last

Those who walk on the road he sets out
Will find themselves secure without shadow of doubt
Doubt itself knows not to question his word
As timid disciples learning the morning of the third

You may seek shelter in a bunker and walls give way
Expect peace to prevail and a terror comes to slay
Rest in your money and find prices increasing
Political solutions and corruption unceasing

Yet the faithful creator is an anchor to trust
His riches can’t be stolen nor eaten by rust
The famine may come but his own will eat well
An inheritance awaits that not even death can dispel

We who hope in him together as one
Seek our joy from our maker as plants seek the sun
May you fill us LORD with your unfailing love
And the Spirit of Christ rest upon us as a dove