Psalm 4


~1 min read



In the darkness, in the pain
In the hail storm and the rain
All around me, fear surrounds me
To you I cry once again

Your faithfulness, always true
My righteousness comes from you
Prayers go up, your grace comes down
By your breath all is renewed

Why, art work of God, must you
Pillage and love all untrue
Like grasping at the rising smoke
It escapes out of the flew

Instead, the path set before you is clear,
Fear God, forsake sin, and to him draw near,
As you lay down to sleep at night, speak truth,
And when you wake, trust the Lord, hold him dear

The final sacrifice, offering of Christ,
Was the real price for us to be made right
So our very life we offer in praise
And we walk in trust and follow his light

The peace that comes from God above
Is worth a thousand worlds of love
Many are happy to prosper
But God’s Spirit rests as a dove