Mansfield Park


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Orphaned at 9, but only in practice
Adopted into luxury and good habit
We’ll teach her well but she’ll know her place
Perhaps we’ll keep her from being a disgrace

Character matters, and so possibly good breeding
Which matters more, to see we’ll keep reading
Marriage, money, loyalty, and society
The obligations of love, and concerns of propriety

You’ll spend your life being told you’re second rate
I’ll be surprised you’re not bold and so hesitate
You’ll sit back, and quietly observe
I’ll rush in and get what I deserve

A kindness first shown, and never to be forgotten
A relationship grows, and friendship blossoms
Into love from the one and love from another
Two loves as distant as husband and brother

Now come the years of weddings and bliss
Sisters all ready and don’t want to be missed
One unhappily found, the other amiss
The playboy makes his round, bringing a twist

Would Shakespeare approve of lover’s vows
Probably, but this will stir quite a row
Using the play to play a forbidden part
While some play games with delicate hearts

Some stand on principal, others concede,
Some see no problem or have any need
To consider propriety in an innocent game
Or a father’s will, since he’s gone all the same

If he lingers a while, and seed becomes fruit
A small scandal may prevent a bigger taking root
But more likely than not, after the dust has settled
Broken hearts would remain, and a rose without petals

Nonetheless, he returns, and puts an end to the fun
The abrupt ending results in a marriage for one
And now the player looks to the field for his prey
And settles upon one who sits above the fray

He stalks and he toys, and stomps and claps
But in the end he is caught, snared by his own trap
Deeply in love, but with someone who hates him
A game now a goal, she’ll be someone who mates him

Think of the society, fortune, and honor he brings
Think of character, fortitude, and worthiness she sings
One can’t help but think she’s being a little too rude
It seems he’s truly fallen, but is faced with a prude

Some won’t marry up, but will some marry down
This question persists through scene change and town
Could love be more stronger than connections and wealth
Could marriage to the Church be the key to good health

The two lovers’ destinies are not unrelated
And the question for both, though often unstated
Is one of constancy to the calling before you
Whether to love, or to that which you hold most true

Graciously, in the end, wisdom’s children shine forth
The true characters of all are manifest in due course
Though heartache and pain are the roads often taken
True felicity’s Face can never be mistaken.