Mother's Day


~1 min read


Tears of sadness, tears of joy.
So many girls! “Are you trying for a boy?”
Vacations feel like a day at work.
Thank you’s look a lot like smirks.
Lots of whining, lots of diapers,
Someone’s yelling, can you wipe her?
Trying to teach, but getting groans,
Trying to reach them through the moans.
Life as a mother is often hard
But the point of this day (and this card)
Is to remind you of what you know –
That in their eyes you walk with a glow.
An angel from God who guides their life,
The one whose heart defeats all strife.
Every day, no matter how bad they’ve made it,
Be assured, you are appreciated!
I wish you a Happy Mother’s Day –
Truly you’re awesome in every way.