Psalm 143


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I cry out for Your grace and Your mercy,
O LORD, listen to my prayer,
In Your faithfulness and righteousness answer me,
And leave me not in despair,

Enter not into judgment with Your servant,
For You see through the holiest of eyes.
I know from Your righteous observance,
No living man shall be justified.

For sin has tormented my soul,
And iniquity has brought me down.
I’ve been made to dwell in the darkness of Sheol,
Like those long dead and in the ground.

My spirit is overwhelmed within me
And my heart is made a wasteland.
Of long ago days I have memory
I think of the mighty works of Your hand.

Like a land without water,
Or dry crops needing rain,
My soul thirsts for You Father,
I stretch out my hands to You in pain.

Answer me quickly, LORD, please,
My spirit is failing, I feel it.
Don’t hide Your face from my plea,
Lest I descend into the darkest pit.

Cause me to know Your love,
When I wake up every day.
For it is You that I trust in above,
Cause me to walk in the right way.

Deliver me from temptation and evil,
I hide underneath Your wings.
Teach me to do Your complete will.
For You are my one holy King.

For Your name’s sake, make me alive.
And of Your mercy spare me from sin.
Cut off the enemies with which I strive,
For I am Your servant and friend.