Psalm 38


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Your judgments are just, O LORD, but I plead mercy.
Your discipline is fair, for of you I’m not worthy.
My flesh fades away, in the face of your displeasure.
My flesh fades away, having made the world my treasure.

Like the crashing waves of a squall, overtaking the helm,
So the burdens of my sins do greatly overwhelm.
The rottenness of my heart manifests itself in plain sight.
My foolishness has brought me low, and to mourning day and night.

My tumult of heart and groaning of soul, feeble and crushed.
On the inside and out, all around my body is flushed.
O Lord, from my deep distress you have not hid your face,
Even when my body is failing and darkness seems to haste.

The rest have forsaken, friend and brother flee my place.
Enemies entrap me, speaking words of disgrace.
But you, O LORD, are faithful and answer when I call.
Keep quiet those who would rejoice, and mock when I fall.

Though I tower on the edge and my anguish engulfs me,
I repent of my sin, and confess my iniquity.
My enemies for good do wrong, and are mighty and hateful.
Be near, my God, for your timely salvation I am grateful.