Psalm 111


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In Hebrew, Psalm 111 is an acrostic poem in which the first letter of each line proceeds sequentially through the alphabet. I’ve attempted to reproduce that in English verse.

Praise the Lord!
All of my heart, with joy it will sing
Bless the LORD with praise and thanksgiving
Come with me to bless, all you upright
Dramatic works reveal his great might
Enticing us to joyful study
Filled with great splendor and majesty
God’s righteousness endures for all time
He brings his works to renew our mind
In him, our God, is grace and mercy
Joy fills with fear, and he meets our need
Kindness and love he will always keep
Let all see his power, high and deep
Made known as we receive the nations
Now see him faithful, just, and patient
On his precepts, as on solid ground
Powerfully established and sound
Quietly in faith to be obeyed
Redemption’s coming – be not dismayed
Salvation by an unchanging oath
Truly holy, awesome - he is both
Under fear of him, wisdom begins
Viewing life rightly, his Word within
Walking in knowledge with him as first
Xeric without him, he quenches thirst
Yes, in the LORD alone is our life
Zealously bringing an end to strife
Praise the LORD, forever and ever!