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Some call it acute anxiety disorder,
But even with a pretty border
It’s nothing more than stress.
Either way it’s one giant mess.

I can’t sleep more than three hours a night.
When I’m awake, with myself I always fight.
Maybe I’ve got a lot on my mind, I don’t know.
One thing’s for sure, this has got to go.

I miss those quiet peaceful nights,
Lying in bed without the lights.
I could fall asleep without a second thought.
Now, if they sold sleep it’d be the first thing I bought.

There’s not a lot of stress in my life,
I don’t have kids or a nagging wife.
It may be related to my spiritual position,
Lately I haven’t done much with religion.

I miss my God and my times of prayer,
I miss always knowing that He’ll be there.
Do you think if I ask, my needs He’ll supply?
I hope so, cause I’m going to give it a try.