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Where does one day end
And the next begin?
Is it when I fall asleep
And then wake up again?
Yet, I have stayed up all night
And gone to sleep in a new day.
Perhaps it is when the sun rises;
Maybe it begins that way.
Yet many a day has begun,
Long before the rising sun.
Perhaps it is at midnight
When the calendar moves forward.
Yet many nights have taken
Me past midnight into morning.
Is it at 6:00AM?
No, many days have begun earlier,
And some have ended later.
Perhaps there is no new day,
Just one long one.
But no, there’s as surely a yesterday,
As there is a today.
And there’s as surely a tomorrow,
…no, tomorrow’s not guaranteed.
So yesterday is merely today, tomorrow.
Or better yet,
Today is merely yesterday, tomorrow.
So when does it become tomorrow?
Today. One day ended Yesterday
And the next begins today.