Upon the Hill


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Life looks on
All around is death
Intent to see
To final breath
Friend enemy
Look in shame
The music stops
With arms stretched out wide to hug the darkness and envelop it in light
As if reaching to absorb and consume in itself all the world’s plight
Where hope meets despair and the beginning of all meets the end of night
Words are tears
Though unvoiced
With many jeers
Others rejoice
The pace slows
The story is told
Darkness knows
But will not fold
The end of ages
Is eternal peace
But evil rages
With such ease
The great why
No answer still
But every cry
Upon the hill
Will then reveal
This time to die
This is his will
Prophets testify
He lived to please
Made known in stages
Indeed, what he achieved
Was the plan of the ages
Light becomes dark and life cold
Sadness consumes and trembling grows
But Sunday comes and the earth it could not hold
Darkness swallowed up by light and from death life flows
And with the wine poured out the bread broken we come to a choice
The word goes out and proclaims the story across the nations and the years
In every place to make know his glory and the ones who jeered will then rejoice
Locked in darkness without a key until he won the victory that took our sin and dried our tears